• Jim Kelly

Washington DC Riots

I don't approve of breaking into buildings and putting the Capitol Police in a situation where they're obliged to shoot someone.

Yet I can't manage to shudder in horror that a Deplorable had his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk. She's still alive and well (as well as she gets), certainly enough for my charming neighbors to reelect her again, bless them.

Nasty Trump voterses defile the Precious.

And it was time for another reminder the federal employees in Washington notionally work for us, not the other way around.

In 2016, Trump's supporters sent Washington a message that millions of citizens feel abandoned, exploited, and betrayed by Speaker Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and their colleagues over many years.

Four years later, there are no signs that message has been received by either party. Quite the opposite, we here in Pelosiopolis are under house arrest despite having committed no crime. Local businesses were forced to close because if they were open more of us might leave our houses, or whatever the rationale is from San Francisco's labcoated experts this week.

As "mostly peaceful" riots go, this one seemed both objectively milder and more coherent than many we've seen over the past year.

If, on the contrary, you find them an appalling attack on our most important institutions, what would you recommend to the 70M deplorables who voted for Trump?

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