• Jim Kelly

Tough questions for London Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and county health officials are holding a livestream later today. I trust many of my neighbors will ask basic questions like reopening dates, and the answers will be a lot of vagueness and fluff.

Here are a few tougher ones citizens deserve answers to.

  1. What were SF's criteria for reopening when the lockdown started March 16th?

  2. How did SF officials arrive at April 7th as the original end date?

  3. What criteria had not been met by March 30th, when the county extended the lockdown to May 3rd? How did officials arrive at the revised date?

  4. What had changed again by April 29th, when the lockdown was extended again to May 31st? How was that date arrived at?

  5. What are the current criteria for ending the lockdown?

  6. How are officials assessing the quality of the statistical models they use? How have the predictions of the models compared with actual data?

  7. If there were in fact no objective criteria at all, and officials were making up ad-hoc policy based on feelings and unproven models, how would SF's response look different than it has?

  8. How many lives has the lockdown saved, versus deaths merely delayed?

  9. How are county health officials assessing all the other dimensions of citizens' health besides COVID? Is the overall "public health" better or worse than it was at the beginning of March?

  10. What principle, if any, limits what County Health Officer Tomas Aragon may order based on his public health judgement? Can he have a citizen killed? Thrown in prison? Placed under house arrest? Fired from a job?

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