• Jim Kelly

Don't blame the unvaccinated

Covid is still with us because half of America refuses to get a vaccine shot. At least, that's what we're hearing from the left, who are throwing themselves into denouncing the deplorables for this latest reason, in increasingly militant terms.

They make the familiar arguments about externalities. The more people vaccinated, the fewer viruses get passed around, the fewer mutated variants arise, and the sooner we all get our lives back.

Those claims may have a morsel of truth. But the problem with externalities arguments is they have no limiting principle. Your neighbors would also keep you safer if they wore gas masks. Or moved away. Or simply dropped dead. Do they therefore owe you those things?

Of course not, because they have rights. Our rights to consent--or not--to medical treatment was settled at Nuremberg in 1947. You have no legitimate expectation your neighbors should consent to vaccine shots or any other treatment.

In fact, just the opposite. You owe them deference regarding their decisions about their own health. The only way we keep rights alive is by defending each other's rights when they're under attack, which this one certainly is. You should be directing your anger not against your unvaxed neighbor but against whoever is threatening his job and demanding you wear a mask unless he gets his shots.

And you should be furious. The CDC imposed a public health policy on America that involved a huge, unprecedented gamble. Rather than quarantine the sick, protect the vulnerable, keep calm and carry on until enough people have built up enough antibodies to thwart the disease, as we've done in previous epidemics, they decided we would "slow the spread" by quarantining the healthy and curtailing human interaction until a vaccine was available.

The good news is vaccines actually appeared within a year, though they might have taken many years or forever. The vaccines seem to work pretty well, the most vulnerable have now received them, and death counts have dropped considerably.

The bad news is some 100M Americans have not been keen to accept the vaccine. Leftists have somehow read their minds and determined they're just spiteful people who don't care about others. Or they're ignorant yokels. Or they're following secret instructions from Trump.

I don't know what's on their minds. Maybe they already caught covid? Maybe they perceive more risk or inconvience than benefit from the vaccine? Maybe after 18 months of lies and absurdity and totalitarian edicts from the authorities, they don't trust anything they're hearing and are finally drawing a line? Whatever it is, that's a lot of people and a lot of reasons to presumptively dismiss and lay plans to trample.

In any case, we've now realized the government's public health policy is predicated on something the public isn't willing to do. That means the policy is defective, not the public.

We need more progressives willing to say so, and stop making excuses for supposed experts who continue to hold us all hostage.

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